Technology at the Heart
of the BodyBlock Insights

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BodyBlock Insights: Design

OrganizeD 3D bodies that adhere to your size charts

BodyBlock Insights allows you to integrate your own size charts so you can filter our 3D bodies to best match your sizes. Or, the BodyBlock team can configure your account and integrate your size charts for you.  Furthermore, we will automatically configure your BodyBlock Insights account if we perform a sizing strategy study for you.

This gives you and everyone on your pattern, design, and product teams quick access to approved 3D bodies around which to design, validate, and sell.

Let us take care of organizing and housing data so your teams can focus on design.


BodyBlock Insights: Explore

Find the perfect body to validate your designs

BodyBlock Insights: Explore allows you to select and approve multiple scans that match your size chart criteria and add them to your BodyBlock Design library or you can simply look for outlying bodies to approve to validate your designs.

With over 500,000 scans on the platform growing at a rate of 1 scan per minute, BodyBlock Insights will ensure that you can access a myriad of scans around which to design and validate.

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BodyBlock Insights

Data Export for 3D Design

Our scans and measurements can be downloaded from BodyBlock Insights and seamlessly imported into your favorite 3D design software. This process accelerates your time to final product and ensures validated product fit for each of your pattern blocks.