Introducing Marketplace

We give apparel brands distribution into over 1500 gyms.


Predict for eCommerce

BodyBlock Predict is an eCommerce plugin that does two revolutionary things.

  1. We can predict body shape better than anyone else.
    With just a few basic pull-downs, we can predict full 3D body scans using our database for body to pattern matches. This is proven to increase lift by 3-8%.

  2. This data is also delivered back to you.
    Through our eCommerce plugin, we can give marketing teams data about which size people are browsing versus buying. The impacts of this data has the potential to change a brand’s entire sales funnel & planning process.


Smarter Sizing Studies

Since we have more data than everyone else, we can deliver better sizing studies. We can give you precise measurements of any population based on elements of age, gender, weight, height, and region. BodyBlock’s database of 600,000 scans can quickly give you access to intelligence that can transform your entire stack.