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An understanding about the small differences between each body is what makes the difference between a great fit, and it being “okay, I guess.”


Sizing & Fit Solutions


Better “guesses” are still just really bad guesses.

We are your only choice if you want the job done right. “Fit” is the most important brand attribute you’ve got, why risk it with other vendors that don’t have the data. We have 1-million scans collected from our patented 3D body scanner placed globally in medical centers, gyms, & wellness centers.

Curious on what we’ve got?
We don’t hide our data. Schedule a demo & we’ll show you the scans.

  • Plus size.

  • East Coast vs West Coast.

  • 29” waist.

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How it Works

  • Tell us about your consumer segments.

  • We develop a shape space “clusters” based on your query.

  • We develop grading specifications and size charts.

  • We provide you with a “library” of digital 3D fit models that you can use in your favorite 3D design software.

    Check out this video of BodyBlock avatars in Optitex.

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