Smarter Fit Prediction


We’re so much more than a size prediction widget.
We predict all your customers body measurements with 96% accuracy so they don’t have to guess what size they are. We’ll match these measurements to your tech packs.


Key Plugin Features

  • Uses 3D body data with machine learning

  • Predicts body measurements of every visitor to 96% accuracy

  • Matches body measurements to tech packs

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BodyShape Analytics

Visualize your visitors through body metrics

See the true size distribution of your customers by every body measurement. This data is invaluable for both marketing campaigns and operational planning.



  • Customer ShapeSpace Report:

    • Height Distributions

    • Weight Distribution

    • Chest & Waist Distributions

  • Return Reports by SKU:

    • Total returns VS total returns from Predict

  • Customer Buyer Personas:

    • Multiple styles in order

    • Same style w/ multiple sizes in order

    • Multiple orders of same style

  • Customer Conversion Reports:

    • CVR, CTR, Behavior



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Aside from the elevated customer experience, BodyBlock AI’s understanding of each customer’s body measurements gives us the ability to track & integrate this data into our future designs to better serve our customers.
— Adam Bridegan, SVP Rhone Apparel