The Smarter Fit Prediction

We use body data to ensure clothes fit your customers better.

BodyBlock Predict crunches almost 1-Million body scans in a few seconds to predict your customer’s body measurements with 96% fit accuracy. After which, it recommends the best fitting product size, which ensures that your customers have a great fit experience with your brand the first time.

Don’t settle for off-brand “pattern to pattern” size recommendation widgets. Instead, allow us to recommend the best size for each of your customers based on the measurements of his or her unique body. This increases your customer’s confidence and increases your conversion and profit.

Furthermore, BodyBlock Predict tracks uses, predictions, cart adds, conversions, and returns to help you ensure that your entire design and operations chain is as efficiently as possible.


Key Plugin Features

  • Only size finder that’s based on body data VS off-brand pattern matching.

  • We predict ASTM body measurements of prospects with machine learning.

  • Matches accurate to 96%.

  • Easy to install

  • Responsive UI (ie. Mobile Friendly)

  • Backend reporting of traffic behavior by body type & size.

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BodyShape Analytics

See your visitors by body metrics

Close the gap between your consumer personas & the true size distributions of your customers. There is a significant difference of knowing your customers body shape versus (BodyBlock Predict) the sizes they are buying (the other guys). This data is invaluable to both marketing & operations teams.


Key Report Features

  • Customer shape space report: Body measurements metrics including:

    • Height Distributions

    • Weight Distribution

    • Chest & Waist Distributions

  • SKU based return report:

    • total returns VS total returns from predict users

  • Customer buyer persona:

    • Multiple styles in order

    • Same style multiple sizes in order

    • Multiple orders of same style)

  • Customer conversion report:

    • CVR, CTR, usage



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