Smarter Fit Prediction

We use body data to ensure clothes fit your customers better.

BodyBlock Predict crunches 1-Million body scans in 15 seconds to match your body type with one we have on file with 96% fit accuracy. Stop settling for “pattern to pattern” size recommendation widgets. We use AI & machine learning to accurately predict the body shapes of all your prospects for a better fit experience.


Key Features

  • Only size finder that’s based on body data VS garment patterns.

  • We predict ASTM body measurements of web prospects with machine learning.

  • Matches accurate to 96%.

  • Easy to install responsive UI

  • Backend reporting of traffic behavior by body type & size.


BodyShape Analytics

Get traffic data by body measurements

Close the gap between your marketing personas & the true size distributions of your customers. There is a significant difference of knowing your customers body shape versus the sizes they are buying. This data is invaluable to both marketing teams & operations.



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