Sizing & Fit Solutions


Unlike other “Sizing Study Vendors,”
We Don’t Have to Guess.

We are your only choice if you want the job done right. Whether you are just launching your brand, product line, or looking to revamp your product line to better fit your consumers, we have the data to solve your fit problem. We have nearly 1-Million 3D Body Scans that can help you accurately define your “shape space.”

If you are not using our data, you’re just guessing slightly better - which is still not accurate enough for apparel.

If “fit” matters to your brand, you have to start with the human body – and we have a million of them.


How It Works

  • You tell us about your consumer segments in question.

  • We develop a shape space population based on your desired consumer segment based on our database.

  • We develop grading specifications and size charts.

  • We work with you to choose / design the best digital 3D fit models to represent each size and deploy them so you can use in your favorite 3D design software.

  • We evaluate the fit quality of the new size charts vs. old size charts on the shape space population.

  • We can help with the best way to articulate the differences in new vs. old