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the largest & most diverse body dataset for apparel brands


We’ve solved the Poor Fit problem in apparel and retail though big data. We apply nearly 1-million globally aggregated, proprietary 3D body scans to the entire stack where we revolutionize design, manufacturing, inventory management, retail, & eCommerce with a BodyFirst approach. We place the human body at the cornerstone of fit, empowering brands to approach sizing and fit in a more intelligent way.

We have more 3D body model and measurement data than anyone else on the planet. Our scan dataset is growing by more than 1 new scan every 30 seconds and is consistently coming in from 47 countries. We put our data to work for you through our fit-as-a service solutions.


Trusted by Brands who Care about Sizing


Largest Dataset

We collect more data in 1-month that other vendors do in a lifetime.

  • Nearly 1-million 3D Body Scans

  • 47 Countries

  • 2,000+ new scans a day

Most Diverse Dataset

We have scanned just about every type of body on the planet.

  • Age Range: 13 - 85 (yrs)

  • Height Range: 50 - 84 (in)

  • Weight Range: 75 - 425 (lbs)

  • Body Fat Range: 5 - 60 (%)

  • Many Ethnicities

All Validated Data

Our proprietary, first-party 3D body data is collected using our patented 3D Body Scanners, which are globally placed into medical, fitness, wellness, weight loss, and retail businesses.

  • High resolution scans

  • Consistent quality

  • All primary sourced data w/ meta information


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