We’re Helping Brands Design for Diversity, Increase Conversions, & Save Time


The Most Diverse Data Set for Body Metrics

  • 900,000+ 3D Bodies

  • Countries Covered: 45

  • Age Range: 13 - 80 (yrs)

  • Height Range: 56 - 80 (in)

  • Weight Range: 75 - 375 (lbs)

  • Body Fat Range: 5 - 60 (%)


eCommerce Fit Prediction & Marketing Intelligence

Our Fit Prediction technology is allowing brands to reduce returns & increase conversions through machine learning & AI. Additionally, we are allowing marketing teams “measurement insights” about their web prospects.


Primary 3D Data for your Design Process

Data backed sizing studies based on primary scan data allow brand to plan smarter - reducing cycle times & waste. This data can further empower design teams to design directly off 3D models & validate garment-fit variations based off a searchable database of 3D models.