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the largest & most diverse body dataset for apparel brands


We’ve solved the “Poor Fit” problem in apparel though big data – applying nearly 1-million proprietary 3D body scans to the entire stack revolutionizing patterning, distribution, & eCommerce. We place the human body at the cornerstone of fit, empowering brands to approach sizing in a more intelligent way. Our clients report reductions in costs, waste, & returns. We’re different because we have more data than anyone else on the planet to answer your questions on size.


Trusted by Brands who Care about Sizing


Largest Dataset

We collect more data in 1-month that other vendors do in a lifetime.

  • Nearly 1-million 3D Body Scans

  • 47 Countries

  • 2,000 new scans a day

Most Diverse Dataset

We have scanned every type of body on the planet.

  • Age Range: 13 - 85 (yrs)

  • Height Range: 50 - 84 (in)

  • Weight Range: 75 - 425 (lbs)

  • Body Fat Range: 5 - 60 (%)

  • Many Ethnicities

All Validated Data

Our proprietary, first-party 3D body data is collected using our patented 3d Body Scanners, which are globally placed into medical, fitness, wellness, weight loss, and retail businesses.

  • High resolution scans

  • Consistent quality

  • All primary sourced data w/ meta information


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